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Contract Terms

Terms and Conditions, user’s responsibility and technical limits

Contract Terms

In order to obtain the free registration of the second-level domain.

It is not possible

  1. Use the service if you’re a minor;
  2. Request more than one FREE hosting per day;
  3. Request the free registration of more than a domain; *
  4. Request free registration of domains containing the words “test”, “demo” and so on;
  5. Request the free registration for websites:
    1. consisting in one page unless it is created with a one-page template; *
    2. incomplete (missing pages, non-existent menu, wrong link); *
    3. with fantasy contents, meaningless or standard (e.g. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet); *
    4. with content about non-recurring events (weddings, parties, elections). *
  6. Request the transfer of the domain to a new provider before the natural expiry of the contract; *
  7. Use the service simply as domain parking or as URL forwarding; *
  8. Use the service as virtual disk or additional disk space of other hosting packages (e.g. images archive);
  9. Upload software or files (e.g. photo, audio, video) which are copyright protected;
  10. Upload content related to gambling;
  11. Set up scripts which may compromise the service;
  12. Manage the configuration of DNS; *
  13. Request the change of the Name Servers; *
  14. Ask for technical assistance for problems related to configuration, installation and management of the web site and its content unless delegated to HostingVirtuale. *

These limitations may be changed and modified in any moment, without prior notice. Failure to respect these conditions may lead to a deactivation of the service without prior notice and any future reactivation is due to the unquestionable judgment of HostingVirtuale.

*On the upgrade page many services to improve the features of the free hosting are avaliable: increase the web space, activate a personalized email, request for the complete version of Website Builder and many more.

Conditions for the renewal of the service

At the end of the 12-months contact, in order to renew the hosting service for free with only the third-level domain, it is sufficient to click on the link of the expiration warning email or use the function in the control panel.

Otherwise, in order to renew the second-level domain registered for free the first year, it is necessary to make the payment related to the cost of the basic FREEDOM package equal to €8,99 which includes the domain maintenance fees. From the second year no further verification on the contents of the web space is going to be carried out.

On the upgrade page it is possible to check out the services to improve the features of the free hosting starting from the registration of the domain without revision of the content.

A final clarification

For many reasons FREE is not the best option to host a professional website: limited space web and the lack of technical assistance expect the assistance of the Frequently Asked Questions and the Facebook group HostingViruale: Gruppo di supporto e assistenza tecnica.

With the free hosting we want to give everyone the possibility to active their own amateur website without the need to sustain operating costs.

For clients using the website or the mailbox for working purposes, our professional hosting solutions are available at a very convenient price.

We would like to remind you once again that the service is free of charge and always will be, both during the activation and the renewal. You will be only charged with the cost of the second-level domain (if requested for free) starting from the second year.

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